Free Access to Our Online Trading Room

  • Our Trading Room is very popular and is a valuable service for the most serious students/traders.
  • Meet our other veteran and student traders, who are passionate about trading as well.
  • Share trade setups/ideas and help each other as our veteran traders will gladly pass on what they know.
  • This will provide a great learning experience for you as new student to gain help from others who have already been through extensive training.

I will however still keep coaching you but now you are able to get additional help from those who came before you! The TRADING ROOM, is also a meeting place with many of my other students and professionals who trade for a living or are moving in the direction.

This is only for those that have undergone training and are at an acceptable level in order for them to contribute and convey their skills to that of the trading room. This is flexible and can be use at any time, although the evening is the main time which is excellent for those that still have day jobs, studies or other commitments. An awesome bunch of down to earth people who are passionate about trading in the same way and sharing their trade setups/ideas and generally helping each other out.

Learning to trade is an ongoing process that needs to be approached from all levels in an environment with other like minded people all of the above is at no extra cost whatsoever.