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I just had to share Tilak’s success story!

It is at times like this where I feel so blessed to be doing this work. I remember when Tilak came into our office with so many questions and feeling frustrated about investing. Yes, investing not trading. Lol

I think it has been 2 years now and what a major change. Tilak started very slow with us, was cautious and apprehensive. But slowly he gained more confidence.

Until one day, I received a call from Tilak asking about our “Trade Warrior”complete turnkey solution. I was shocked!!! Because we sell this solution for 15k!

I actually tried talking him out of doing it. Obviously, this is too expensive and having almost 10 Trading systems is overkill for a trader who is still working things out.

Boy, was I ever wrong!!!!

Tilak is usually in the background doing his own thing. But, he got my attention last month when he shared some of his amazing trades with me. I was very happy for Tilak, but honestly I figured… Well I really didn’t know what to think, his returns were big!!!

Then, this morning I get this message from Tilak that he is up over 18k in AUDJPY long trade. See attached!

Yes, 18k in a single position!!!

I am so very proud of Tilak and everyone here for doing the hard work and making the investment in both time and resources.

Tilak, thanks for sharing your amazing success man!!!

Good Trading, David Stephenson