Large Cap Stocks, with market valuations exceeding $10 billion, represent some of the most stable and mature investment opportunities available. Seize the chance to invest in these robust and reliable stocks with Bull Master Pro!
Large Cap Stocks Automated Trader

Bull Master Pro Signals is a powerful trend following algorithm mechanism that seeks long-term opportunities on large-cap stocks trading over $10. These stocks may trend for months or even years before sending out the sell alert to close down the position.

Bull Master Pro With Fundamentals

Earnings per share (EPS) is a company's net income subtracted by preferred dividends and then divided by the number of common shares it has outstanding.


EPS indicates how much money a company makes for each share of its stock and is a widely used metric for estimating corporate value.


A higher EPS indicates greater value because investors will pay more for a company's shares if they think the company has higher profits relative to its share price.


EPS can be arrived at in several forms, such as excluding extraordinary items or discontinued operations, or on a diluted basis.


Like other financial metrics, earnings per share is most valuable when compared against competitor metrics, companies of the same industry, or across a period of time.

Buy the Bull Master Pro and get benefits like:

  • Real-time entry and exit point stock alerts
  • Heatseeker integration that tracks over 22,000 different stocks focusing in price-action and technical-analysis
  • Determines which stocks to trade at the right time for long-term returns
  • Trades bullish and bearish markets allowing you to trade both sides of the trend
Bull Master Pro
Invest in Large Cap Stocks for typically lower volatility, extensive analyst coverage, and the potential for a steady dividend stream with Bull Master Pro!


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Important Note:

As a Monster Trading Signals subscriber, you will be receiving the entry and exits alerts for the specific Signals Subscription you have selected – Stocks, Forex, ETFs, Options, Crypto, Futures.

Though, you are still responsible for closing your trades manually since we are only providing you with the entry and the exit points. When our Automated Trading Signals close a specific position(s) within the market sector that you have subscribed for, you will receive an alert that will notify you automatically. This allows you to close that same position(s) if you took it when you first received the initial buying/shorting alert. As a result, you will have the opportunity to manually opt-out, reduce your risk, and maximize your profits.

We are only responsible for sending you the buy/short and sell/cover signals that allows you to have an edge over other traders. It is your responsibility to decide whether or not you want to take action and trade our signals when you received them.


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