automated stock trading systems

You may think that the key to being a successful trader is simply formulating and having the best trading strategies and market analysis techniques. While having automated stock trading systems can help boost your success in trading, there are several qualities that you must possess in order to be a successful trader. 

High level of introspection

Successful traders can regularly assess their own strengths and weaknesses. In this way, they’re able to find trading strategies that will downplay their weaknesses and capitalize on their personal strengths. Introspection also allows traders to avoid comparing themselves against the achievement of others. Instead, winning traders measure their successes based on the standards they set for themselves and on their learning growth.

Open-mindedness and high adaptability

Successful traders can stick to certain stock trading systems and rules that work for them, but they must also be able to make the necessary changes in order to adapt to market changes and unexpected events. They understand that even the best market analysis and strategies may sometimes not work with the possible market price actions in the future. And thus, their open-mindedness and high adaptability coupled with self-confidence allows them to conveniently start a trade while applying new techniques when the opportunity arises.

Realistic expectations

Contrary to popular misconceptions, successful traders don’t have the power to predict the future of the market. Instead, they set realistic goals by managing their risks and diversifying their accounts so that the odds remain in their favor regardless of what happens. Most importantly, successful traders don’t make irrational decisions in an effort to increase their chances of a windfall.

Emotional self-control

Successful traders do not let their emotions interfere with their trading decisions especially when they’re gaining or losing big. They do not allow themselves to be too excited with huge profits or too depressed with massive losses to the point of making irrational trading activities. To ensure making the right move at the right time without emotional manipulation, successful traders invest in automated stock trading systems that integrate the concept of trend following.


Patience is truly a virtue even for successful traders especially those who are focusing on long-term positions. They understand that there will always be opportunities in the future and don’t aim for instant gratification.


Successful traders have their own set of strict rules that will guide them in managing their funds and risks. They are basically not reckless gamblers and instead, they make an effort to ensure they have the discipline to meticulously evaluate potential risks and rewards before initiating their trades.

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Successful traders have a sense of responsibility, knowing that they have to take risks with the possibility of gaining a suitable reward. They don’t blame their shortcomings or failed trades on others, their trading systems or anything.


Successful traders have the confidence to move forward despite experiencing losses. They recognize that previous failures will always be a part of their past, and thus, see them as learning opportunities and avoid dwelling on them excessively. They believe that they will succeed in their endeavors and understand that every trade provides new chances of achieving positive results.

Self-confidence also allows traders to initiate trades without being crippled by self-doubt, and thus, they have more chances of grabbing great trading opportunities. Confident traders are also able to maximize their profits because they are not too anxious about the market being against their odds, which means that they won’t be selling or buying prematurely.

A healthy attitude towards the markets

Having negative beliefs about the market can affect the way you trade and the way you face losses. An example of these erroneous beliefs is that the market is rigged against your favor. Successful traders have a healthy attitude about the markets, and thus, are able to analyze them with objectivity. They recognize that the market is a neutral entity that doesn’t care whether you lose or gain money.

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