automated stock trading systems

The world of trading may seem like an exciting area to engage in. If you want to start trading, however, you should first realize that risk is a major part of this activity and that it requires dedication, time and hard work to succeed in this field. Even if you have the best automated stock trading systems, the final decision whether to buy, sell or wait is still yours to make.

So how can you start trading? Here are some ways that every beginner should know.

Be aware of why you want to trade

If your main reason is to make a fast buck or some sort of a “get rich quick” scheme, then you’re in for a major disappointment. As mentioned, success in trading requires time and effort. However, if your reason for trading is to learn a new set of skills and knowledge, then trading can be fruitful for you.

Understand the qualities of a successful trader

We have previous articles discussing what it takes to be a successful trader such as a trader’s winning mindset. It’s okay if you can’t completely relate to some or most of these qualities. As long as you know about them now, you’ll soon understand them and gradually apply them to yourself as you go through the successes and losses of your trading journey.

Identify the financial market to focus on

Especially when the budget is limited, you need to decide the financial market you’ll want to trade in. The stock market is the most common and traditional financial market, which means that you could find a lot of helpful advice and informative articles written by experts who have actually experienced losses and successes in trading stocks and shares.

Other markets to consider are:

  • Foreign exchange (forex)
  • Cryptocurrency
  • Exchange-traded funds (ETF)
  • Futures

You don’t have to be overwhelmed with the various markets available. Just as there are stock trading systems to help you conveniently navigate the stock market, there are also automated trading systems that are specifically designed for other financial markets such as the Cryptos Monster for cryptocurrency traders.

Do you really need a broker?

The quick answer to the question is NO. You don’t have to hire someone for trading advice who regularly charges a fee to do the transactions for you. However, you shouldn’t dismiss them completely considering that they passed their licensing exams with flying colors, and thus, have practical knowledge about trading.

You’ll need a brokerage, though. It’s basically an online platform where you can buy or sell bonds, stocks, ETFs and other investments. Brokerages typically don’t charge fees when selling/buying stocks.  However, major brokerages won’t generally have platforms for cryptocurrencies and other niche investments. Whatever the trading platform you choose, make sure it is designed to assist and teach beginners as they take their first steps into the trading world.

In essence, you simply have to have money and Internet connection to trade on your own or to become what’s called as retail investors. Of course, you should update your knowledge about the market by reading practical guides and learning from the successes and losses of trading experts. One-on-one coaching sessions with trading professionals are also available for you to enroll in.

Invest in automated trading systems

Manually tracking the market trends on a regular basis can be a headache. Human errors can also make you miss out on any lucrative opportunities. To ensure that you’re on top of the latest in the financial markets you’re focusing on, consider investing in automated stock trading systems with a powerful tracking system that ensures every price movement is identified and noted. Take note though that these systems generally don’t do the buying and selling for you. You’re simply notified in real time about exit and entry opportunities, which you must decide on as quickly as possible.

The Trade Hunter Bundle offers a comprehensive range of auto trading solutions depending on your trading expertise and market focus.

Have a solid financial strategy

When it comes to trading, you’ll have to remain objective especially with the losses and profits accumulating too fast. You’ll have to control your emotions from taking over your trading decisions and committing mistakes. Avoid getting too excited with huge profits and make sure you can move on quickly when incurring huge losses.

With a solid financial strategy in place, you can prevent your emotions from interfering with your trading decisions. Make sure to identify your risk level before putting up your money. It’s also advisable to set your exit and entry rules beforehand, too.

Always stick to your financial strategy regardless of the excitement or anxiety you’re feeling with the market trend. Take note, however, that you can always re-assess and change your financial strategy when market conditions are shifting.

Measure your success based on your growth

Measuring your success as a trader is generally not based on the losses you incurred and profits you gained. The true measure of trading success is when you realize how much you understand more about the market and how often you break through the standards you set for yourself. Never compare your achievements with the successes of others.

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