monster trading systems

The systems for traders come in different levels depending on their complexity and the market they’re analyzing. Contrary to popular misconception, traders do not have the ability to predict what will happen next in the market in order to make successful trades. Instead, traders manage their risks in order to stack the odds in their favor regardless of what happens. Making use of trading systems enables traders to make well-informed decisions without having to meticulously calculate statistical data as the market moves.


It does not mean, however, that beginner traders can immediately make successful trades by having the best and most complicated auto trading systems at their disposal. The unnecessary indicators cramped into the charts will just be confusing to those who are new in this activity. To make the most of trading systems, they should be appropriate to the expertise of the trader using them.


Here are the nine Monster Trading systems that you can use depending on your trading expertise level and market focus.



The Sniper Trader system with Friday Data Alerts is highly recommended for all new traders before gradually moving up to higher systems and markets. It basically alerts you of viable market insights from Wall Street experts prior to market closing at the end of the week.  This system helps in maximizing short-term profit potential by taking advantage of big trades, considering that trade positions are generally subject to weekend and overnight market risks which can result in considerable losses due to unexpected market reversals. Sniper Trader is also perfect for trading in both bearish and bullish markets.


This system is perfect for individual traders who aim to yield great returns by trading on cheap stocks. More specifically, the Stock Boss Signals searches for stocks trading below $10 which have the potential to provide exponential returns. The system utilizes the Heatseeker Scanner integration, allowing for the tracking of more than 22,000 different stocks focusing on technical-analysis and price-action trends.



This system is ideal for traders who are gaining confidence in trading stocks that are valued more than $10 billion in the market. This is ideal for intermediate-level stock traders who have the patience to invest in long-term opportunities because the trend of the stocks can go for months and even years before sending an alert. In essence, large cap stocks are typically more stable and mature investments compared to the stocks focused on by beginner traders. Bull Master Signals can track at least 22,000 different stocks focusing on price-action and technical-analysis, thanks to the Heatseeker Scanner integration. It’s also an automated trading system you can use for both bull and bear markets.


This is one of the systems for traders who are well-versed in foreign currency exchange (forex) trading. For traders who love the challenge of intraday trading in the forex market, the Monster Scalper Signals provides valuable information to help you determine the forex pairs to trade at the right time. It tracks at least 40 pairs of different currencies and can be used for trading in long and short markets. It essentially seeks scalping, trending, swings, and long term trading opportunities in both markets.


Individuals who want to shift their focus from the traditional stock market to the fairly new cryptocurrency trading have to restrict themselves from getting caught up with the hype of investing in Bitcoin, Ethereum and other major cryptos. With fluctuating values constantly occurring in the cryptocurrency market, it can be easy to let your emotions rule your trading decisions. Fortunately, the Cryptos Monster trading system can assist crypto traders to efficiently manage their trades with better and more precise buy and sell signals. Traders can benefit from high precision price action and technical analysis with this automated trading system.



This system is ideal for advanced traders who are experienced in holding long-term positions in their forex trading. The system looks into at least 40 different currency pairs with potentially big macro breakouts that can stay on the trade for several months before it sends the trader with the closing alert. For an advanced forex trader, maintaining one long-term position can give greater results than having several short-term positions as long as there’s proper planning and implementation. Make your long-term trading even more successful by utilizing the Forex Dominator system, which alerts you of the right time to enter a trade.


Investing in exchange-traded funds (ETFs) is a way for advanced traders to diversify their trading investments with long-term results. To ensure you’re grabbing the right opportunities in ETF trading, the Monster ETF system makes it easy for you to receive long-term trade signals and identify profitable trends. With Heatseeker Scanner integration, the system keeps an eye on more than 1,100 ETFs focusing on price-action and technical-analysis to provide you with real-time exit and entry point alerts. In essence, you’re able to trade commodities such as metals, crude oil and bonds, among others, without much hassle by using Monster ETF.


Trading the Dow Jones stocks requires a thorough knowledge and experience in managing risks considering that you’re investing and keeping an eye on the 30 major U.S. companies traded on the NASDAQ and NYSE. With the help of the Monster US30 trading system, you’ll be able to trade safely as you capture the big moves by closely watching the stock prices of the US30 companies while paying special attention to the most expensive ones.


Trading futures is a great way for hedging your investment but requires careful analysis as you’re either exposing yourself to risks or earning potential profits based on speculation. With the help of the Monster Futures trading system, you can further understand the movements in the futures market and potentially increase your profits. The system enables you to grab opportunities for greater value of stocks compared to the original. In essence, you can trade with leverage at lower costs over longer trading hours with the help of Monster Futures.


Bottom line

Traders can make well-informed decisions when they have the auto trading systems most suitable to their expertise and the type of market they’re dealing with. At Monster Trading Systems, we have a wide range of systems available for every trading skill level. Get in touch with us today to know how we can revolutionize your trading activities.