How I Turned $650 Total Deposit Into
$5,447 Profit In About 5 Weeks!!

Hello Everyone,

As traders and especially brand new traders, we believe that we need large sums of capital to be successful in trading.

We gotta risk it all!!!

So, from time to time I will trade a small account to prove to our traders that the process is more important than capital.

In 2018, to provide this concept works. I took $137 and profited over $1,700 in less than 2 weeks. I have used those trades to drive this point home with trades.

This time I started with $50… then another $50 and another $50 testing the market (see attached). As the trades and market developed I would add more capital totaling $650 deposited. But gradually!!!

As the trades developed and became profitable, I then used the profits (brokers capital) to build larger positions. These larger positions allowed my small account to grow to $6,096 in about 5 weeks.

The next thing I did was I took all my profits and initial capital out of the market. Which totaled $6,000 (see attached screenshot).

Yes, I left $96 in the account to do it again!!!

However, I will add small amounts of capital if needed.

Notice that I withdrew all the profits totaling  $5,447 plus some of my capital/deposits.

The total withdrawal was $6,000!!!

Most traders want to build a huge trading account. So they keep the profits in their trading account eventually giving it  all back to the markets. Bad idea, that is not trading!!!

Remember, our goal as traders is to risk small amounts of capital with the potential of much larger returns!

I have attached all the trades for your review.

Please watch the way you trade and examine how you put your hard earned capital to work.

Anyone can do this with practice, the right process and a bit of patience!

Good Trading,