RedCarpetMonday is a sophisticated, social business network that features business owners, professionals, and entrepreneurs. Their social events have supported and helped many of their favorite charities and foundations. 


Monster Trading, a stock trading solutions company, started sponsoring events in 2010. They were the Presenting Sponsor for one of the biggest events in Central Florida, the Festivals of Speed.


Last November 15, 2021, Monster Trading sponsored the event at the Blue Martini where Monster Trading traders and other like-minded professionals in Central Florida were there. They opened the event with such names as Duke & Dane, SPIN, Thrivent, Goldberg, Fever-Tree and many more top and trusted brands in Central Florida.


David Stephenson, the founder and CEO of Monster Trading was there showcasing the answers of interested clients on stock trading solutions. He is an accomplished trader and software developer of automated trading systems.


After watching the movie Wall Street in 1987, it left an indelible impression, and started his long journey to figuring out how the financial market really worked. Since his passion was always in trading, he continued to research every aspect of the industry, tested many trading systems, traded his own personal accounts, and then developed his unique trading algorithms.


In 2010, he launched Monster Trading Systems with an office in Maitland, Florida armed with a small staff. The solutions delivered by the company’s exemplary products ensures that investors are armed with the right tool for the right situation. Because of his excellent management and techniques, the award-winning 21st Century Business selected Monster Trading Systems to be featured on their program and will be broadcast nationwide to about 130 million viewers on CNBC, FOX Business, and 27 prestigious universities like Georgetown University.


What Monster Trading Can Do for the Participants?

At the RedCarpetMonday event, David showed the beauty and importance of automated systems and stock trading software. Monster Trading offers methodical and exact systems to get rid of extraneous factors that affect trading strategies and analyses. They offer classes on Stock Trading, Crypto Currencies, ETFs, and Forex so would gain more knowledge in trading. When you avail of stock trading software from Monster Trading, you can check real-time alerts for sticks, fore or ETFs, entry and exit point alerts with all subscriptions, remove all emotions, guessing, greed, and fear from trading


Monster Trading Hot Product

They have launched Sniper Trader Friday Data Alert, a groundbreaking new tool that will give you a Friday afternoon alert that details exactly which stocks are expected to skyrocket over the weekend so you can make an educated trade that can guarantee a big Monday morning win.


It was indeed a productive and social Monday. It is beneficial to businessmen to gain more options to protect investments and money through effective stock trading software. Follow us to get updates of the next RedCarpetMonday event.

For more information about Monster Trading and their Monster Scalper, you can check out here.