Monster Trading Systems, headed by CEO and Founder David Stephenson, meets Central Florida and the financial markets with a bang. David Stephenson is an accomplished trader and software developer of automated trading systems. His interest in the financial markets started as a junior in college after seeing the movie Wall Street in 1987. This movie left an indelible impression and started his long journey to figuring out how the financial markets really worked.

After completing an MBA in 1991, he felt very uneasy with the money management side of the industry and decided to forgo a career as a stock broker. However, since his passion was always in trading, he continued to research every aspect of the industry, tested many trading systems, trading his own personal accounts, and then developing his unique trading algorithms.

In 2005, David decided that he needed to get a taste of the real thing to further this testing and confirm some of his concepts. He then got a job trading for Hansar Capital, a day trading firm in downtown Orlando. After a short stay and learning how the market makers moved large blocks of shares intraday, he now had one of the missing links, follow the institutions and hedge funds.

It wasn’t until while traveling that he noticed the book ‘Trend Following’ by Michael Covel at an airport book store. Finally, he had the biggest missing link that would bring all his years of research together. Not taking a job as a stockbroker, not following the crowd and deciding to do it his way, the hard way, had finally paid off. The answer was Price Action and he knew he had developed something special when investors, traders, and money managers were all coming to him for his picks and automated trading systems.

In 2010, he launched Monster Trading Systems with an office in Maitland, Florida armed with a small staff. In October of 2010, they became the Presenting Sponsor for one of the biggest events in Central Florida, the Festivals of Speed. They opened the event with such names as Bentley Orlando, Rolls Royce North America, Tiffany & Co. and many other trusted names. They were also the corporate sponsor at the Festivals of Speed Miami, in November.

Since then, the award winning 21st Century Business selected Monster Trading Systems to be featured on their program and will be broadcast nationwide to about 130 million viewers, on CNBC, FOX Business and 27 prestigious college universities including Georgetown University.

The solutions delivered by Monster Trading Systems’ long line of exemplary products ensure that the investor is armed with the right tool for the right situation, and provides mechanisms to enforce automation, precision and control in the investor’s every move.

The beauty of automated systems, like the ones being offered by Monster Trading Systems, is that they are methodical and exact, and because of that, extraneous factors that have long been the nemesis of trading strategies are prevented from interfering with trade analyses and triggers.

“Unlike humans, automated tools follow systems to the T, are disciplined with cutting losses, and more certain about when to let winners run, are devoid of emotions such as fear and greed, and perhaps more importantly, can run nonstop, day and night,” explained David

Monster’s team has been able to remove the noise, and uncertainty from trading, to focus on the one thing that matters: price action. Markets are not chaotic, they move in trends, and that trend following philosophy is what sets Monster’s automated trading software apart from other trading companies, day traders and stockbrokers. Their slogan ‘Fire Your Broker’ hangs proudly in their office in Maitland.

The company offers products for practically every type of trader (individual or professional) and every market in which the trader wants to pursue riches, such as in Stocks, ETFs, Commodities, or Foreign Exchange in up or down markets. In addition, the company offers complementary weekly ‘Learn to Trade’ workshops to ensure investors immeasurable financial growth. Most importantly, the systems will manage hundreds of trades and both exit losing trades while letting the winning trades run, automatically. An amazing feat.

  • Trade Warrior™ includes the complete line of trading systems software plus a robust trading computer and 6 monitors.
  • Stock Boss™ is based on the ideas that anyone can generate big profits from trading cheap stocks.
  • Sniper Trader™ is a swing trading system taking only one big trade at a time.
  • Monster ETF™ is perfect for investors who want to work with a diversified instrument.
  • Bull Master™ managers all IBD top 50 stocks and EXIT automatically.
  • Forex Dominator™ you’ll never have to wake up at 2 am, 3 am, or even 7 am to watch your screens.
  • Heatseeker™ provides the picks by tracking the flow of money by sectors, stocks, ETF, and forex pairs.

David Stephenson

CEO and Founder
Monster Trading Systems