When choosing the best automated futures trading system, there are several things to consider. While most trading strategies are designed to be automated, they still need to be manually checked periodically to ensure they are running smoothly. These tests are particularly critical for futures trading because futures contracts have a very limited lifespan. In some markets, such as the energy market, they expire monthly.


eToro is a popular investor program for traders who let other investors copy their strategy. The popular Investor program has four levels and requires a minimum balance of $1,000 in account equity and $500 in customer assets, as well as a risk score below seven. Popular Investor also provides benefits such as spread rebates, monthly payments, and management fees for elite status. It is also designed for new investors and enables them to practice trading risk-free.

eToro is regulated by tier one financial regulators. It also keeps your money in secured tier-1 banks, a great security measure. The company plans to go public soon and offers additional security measures, including Two Factor Authentication. Furthermore, eToro respects the privacy of its clients. All account information is kept confidential. eToro does not sell your personal information to third parties.
eToro acts as either a market-maker broker or an agency broker. The market-maker broker acts as the trade counterparty, while the agency broker places orders through other market-makers. The agency broker receives rebates, profit-sharing, or widened spreads. It also pays commissions. Nevertheless, these fees may outweigh the benefits of eToro’s automated futures trading system.


When it comes to best automated futures trading system, NinjaTrader is undoubtedly the best. The trading platform allows you to customize the indicators, strategies, and bar spacing to meet your trading style. You can also insert technical indicators and draw tools. It also supports a great selection of bar types and chart styles. Besides, you can also use it to perform backtesting on historical price data. Despite the high price tag, NinjaTrader is still a great value for the price of entry.

With NinjaTrader, you can practice your trading strategy on a demo account before investing your risk capital. You can also view the trades on your chart and make text annotations for each trade. You can also export your chart and make a trading journal for further reference. It’s a highly customizable trading system gives you the tools you need to make smart and profitable trades. Moreover, NinjaTrader also offers a wide variety of features, including advanced charting and a robust development community.