RedCarpetMonday with Monster Trading

RedCarpetMonday is a sophisticated, social business network that features business owners, professionals, and entrepreneurs. Their social events have supported and helped many of their favorite charities and foundations.    Monster Trading, a stock trading solutions company, started sponsoring events in 2010. They were the Presenting Sponsor for one of the biggest events in Central Florida,…

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stock trading 101

Stock Trading 101

Stocks are investments that let you own a portion of a company or corporation, while stock trading refers to buying and selling stocks.  In a way, this allows you to get a share of the company’s earnings and assets. Though it could be exciting at times, stock trading isn’t for everyone.  For one, you are…

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forex trading 101

Forex Trading 101

Forex, which stands for Foreign Exchange, is simply the process of buying or selling a currency in exchange for another.   For example, when you go to Japan and you need money to purchase products or services over there, you’re going to need that country’s currency, a Japanese Yen.  So, you go to the money exchang…

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Trading vs Investing

Trading vs Investing. What should you choose?

Trading and investing are sometimes used interchangeably but are two different approaches to wealth creation. Though both are involved in making a profit in the stock market, but the goals for both are different. Trading is more on the short-term profit-seeking and takes advantage of short-term market fluctuations to earn quick returns. However, this kind…

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Entrepreneurs to watch in 2011

Monster Trading Systems, headed by CEO and Founder David Stephenson, meets Central Florida and the financial markets with a bang. David Stephenson is an accomplished trader and software developer of automated trading systems. His interest in the financial markets started as a junior in college after seeing the movie Wall Street in 1987. This movie…

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Orlando investors see GameStop stock news as only the beginning for ‘the little guy’

Something crazy happened last week. “The little guy won,” said Winter Park resident David Stephenson, and founder of Monster Trading Systems. After last week’s explosive Wall Street news surrounding GameStop stock, the market opened up to smalltime investment groups and individual investors in ways never seen before, said the 54-year-old Stephenson. And that change isn’t just…

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