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Trade Markets with More Precision, Maximize Profits, & Remove Interference of Human Emotions.
…. by Advanced One-On-One Coaching with David Stephenson.

Trade Markets with More Precision, Maximize Profits, & Remove Interference of Human Emotions.

Risk Management

Knowing how to correctly manage your risk will prevent you from suffering big losses that will put your portfolio at risk. I will guide you how to do the proper risk management.


The only way to learn and understand trading is through experience and practice. My years of experience will help you strategize before making any trades.

Market Trends

I follow the latest news & updates in the trading industry, including technology developments & price charts. My advice & tips will help you make informed trading decisions.
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I Use The Best Tools To
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Fact: 90% traders fail to make money when trading the market.
Only 10 Percent Survive Challenging Venture!
… which is why a Good Mentor Matters!

Benefit From Experience…

Over 25 years experience. The market can be unforgiving if you don’t know what you’re doing, working with experienced coach allows you to get ahead and save years of mistakes.
Fast track your success. Working in this space for years has given me a wealth of information to pass on to you, so you hit the ground running and fast track your success.
Strategic planning. Strategy is extremely important in this space, you need to know what to buy, when to buy, how much to buy & when to sell, I take the time to understand your goals and budget so you get maximum effect on your investment.
If ANY of the above sounds like you, you need to get Advanced One-on-One!

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David Stephenson
Traders are human, and such are susceptible to flaws that can often constrain or even destroy positions they take in the market. Monster Trading Systems, on the other hand, have been designed to eliminate such drawback.

Unlike humans, automated tools follow systems to the T, are disciplined with cutting losses, are more certain about when to let winners run, are void of emotions such as greed, fear, and perhaps more importantly, can run nonstop, day and night.

You will be armed with the right tool for the right situation, and mechanisms to enforce automation, precision and control in every move.

“ The one-on-one coaching has been great. David is very passionate about trading and love teaching. Five Stars for product and service. ”

Bill Ingraham

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So…how does your current portfolio look like?
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If you can’t take advantage of unique, high probability opportunities in the market… Let’s talk.

If you can’t control emotions while making the trades… Let’s talk.

If you can’t learn to become an independent thinker… Let’s talk.

If you can’t figure out to highlight your unique set of strengths and weaknesses… Let’s talk.

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